Letters from Christ

Over the years, one of my favorite books to study has been the book of Revelation. It is simply fascinating to me. It could have to do with the fact that when I first came to Christ, this was the book my youth group was studying. I’m not really sure, but my favorite part of the book, is the beginning.

The seven letters Jesus addressed to the churches in that day are packed with insights that are extremely applicable for us today. So when one of the ladies in my Bible study asked that our next study to be through Revelation, I was happy to agree.

This study can be done on your own or in a group. Simply click the links below to find the lessons here on my blog, or scroll down to get more information about doing this study in your group.Letters-From-Christ

  1. An Introduction to Revelation
  2. Do Not Be Afraid
  3. The Church of Ephesus and the Importance of Love
  4. The Spiritual Riches of Smyrna
  5. The Corruption in Pergamum
  6. Thyatira and Tolerance 
  7. Reflecting on Revelation (Halfway Point)
  8. Something is Amiss in Sardis
  9. Encouragement for Philadelphia 
  10. Lukewarm in Laodicea 
  11. Wrapping up the Letters from Christ

For deeper study and personal reflection questions, pick up “Letters from Christ,” the book, available on Amazon.

Group Study

You can download the group study sheets we used when doing this study at our church below. The study sheets provide discussion questions and Scriptures to look up together. Each woman should get a copy of the study sheet and be encouraged to have a Bible handy so they can get the most out of your time together.

This study is designed for nine weekly sessions lasting for 30-60 minutes with no take home work.

Click here to download all the group study sheets

Recommended Resources:

I have read a ton of books and articles on the book of Revelation. I’ve listened to hours and hours of commentaries. Below I’ve listed some of the resources that I found the most helpful listed in no particular order.

You can find a free map of the 7 churches here: http://www.bible-history.com/maps/Map-7-Churches-of-Revelation-Asia.pdf


Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Francis Chan


You will find all of the above resources on my Revelation Pinterest Board, along with some other great articles, quotes, and more. Check it out at:  www.pinterest.com/authorheatherh/revelation/

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