Prayers from the New Testament


Prayers from the New TestamentThere is power in prayer.

Over and over again in Scripture we are called to pray. But more than that, Scripture also offers examples of how to pray and what to pray for. From Jesus to Paul, and the poor to the rich, the New Testament offers amazing insights to living a life of prayer.

In this six week Bible study, we look at some of the different prayers from the New Testament, how they fit in Scripture, and how they apply to our lives today. It can be done on your own or in a group. Simply click the links below to find the lessons here on my blog, or scroll down to get more information about doing this study in your group.

  1. What is Prayer
  2. The Lord’s Prayer
  3. The Humble Prayer
  4. A Prayer for Strength
  5. A Prayer from the Cross
  6. For this Reason…

Group Study

You can download the group study sheets we used when doing this study at our church below. The study sheets provide discussion questions and Scriptures to look up together. Each woman should get a copy of the study sheet and be encouraged to have a Bible handy so they can get the most out of your time together.

This study is designed for weekly sessions lasting for 30-60 minutes with no take home work.

Click here to download all the group study sheets (.zip)