Books By Hart Blogger Book Review Program


Do you love reading inspirational books?

If so, we invite you to become part of our blogger book review program. As one of our reviewers, you’ll get free access to all of our new and upcoming books.

Here’s what we require from our reviewers:

1. Book Reviews.

We ask that reviews are posted on your blog and one online retail site (such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble) within 2-4 weeks of receiving the book.  We understand that emergencies come up and life gets busy, but we do ask you to do everything you can to keep that commitment.

If you are on Goodreads, we would appreciate it if you would add the book to your collection, mark it as “currently reading” and then post your review there when it’s ready as well.

2. Honesty.

We want to know your real opinions of our books. If there is something you don’t agree with, or if you find a typo that we need to know about, feel free to shoot us an e-mail to let us know. A lot of our review copies are pre-release galleys that are still in the editing process, but the more feedback we get from reviewers, the better they will be when they reach the public.

If you just don’t like the book, that’s okay, too. You are more than welcome to post a review letting readers know that you don’t think a book is stellar.

We also ask that you adhere to Amazon’s review policies when posting reviews. You can read them here if you aren’t already familiar:

3. Full Disclosure.

When you review books through our program, we do require you to adhere to FTC guidelines and state that you received the book free in exchange for an honest review. We’ll send you some sample text with each review copy to make this easy for you, but you are always free to use your own wording as well.

That’s it!

Still interested?

If so, sign up below:


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P.S. If you’ve never written a book review before, I invite you to check out my post on writing a review that’s worth reading here: