Together, we have published over a dozen books and contributed to even more. We’ve detailed them for you below. Most are available in multiple formats, however we’ve only linked to one or two. Click on “More Info” to find out other available formats or get more information about the books.

Faith-Based Books | Books for Authors

Faith-Based Books

Mirror Mirror… Am I Beautiful?

Looking Deeper to Find Your True BeautyMirror Mirror Am I Beautiful

Does the mirror define your beauty and who you are? Are you desperately striving for the world’s “perfect image” of outer beauty? Or have you given up trying, realizing you’ll never be “good enough?”

It’s time to look deeper, past the surface. It’s time to find your true beauty!

Get practical, real-life, biblical advice for the issues you deal with every day…

Beauty. Fashion. Dating. Social Media. Body Image.

Will you dare to look deeper?

If you do, you will find that there is so much more. More than what your mirror has for you. More than what Hollywood and the media has for you. More than what any guy can give you. When you look deeper, you’ll find true satisfaction, true beauty and true intimacy waiting for you. Jesus is inviting you to take this journey with Him.

 Coming in the Fall of 2016


Blessings From Above

A Deeper Look at the Beatitudes.


Have you ever wondered what it meant to be more like Christ? Have you ever read through the beatitudes and wondered exactly what Christ meant? If so, “Blessings from Above” is the perfect book for you. Reviewers are calling it fantastic, nourishing, and a blessing.

Pick up your copy today to discover true blessings from above.

Kindle | PrintMore Info


Letters from Christ

Reflecting on Revelation 7 Letters to 7 Churches.

Exiled to the island of Patmos, John was confronted with a vision of the glorified Christ, and called to write down seven letters from Christ to seven of the churches in Asia minor.

What could be so important?

I invite you to find out as we dive in to this study of the letters from Christ.

Pick up your copy today and discover what Christ meant for the early Christian, and what that means for us.



Teen Devotionals… For Guys!

Designed to be read, pondered on it and applied to daily life, these 21 devotions are written for teen guys who want to find their true strength in Christ. We want you to know that the Bible isn’t just a book that’s over 2000 years old. It’s completely applicable to our lives today – even as teenagers. We know that girls and guys don’t face the same issues in high school – not even close. So these devotions were written with today’s teen guys in mind.


Click here to find out more

Current Books in This Series:
21 Teen Devotionals… for Guys!

Kindle | Print 

Teen Devotionals… for Guys! Volume 1

Coming Soon


The Teen Devotionals… For Girls! Series

Looking for free teen devotionals just for girls? Look no further! Sign up today to start receiving these encouraging daily devotionals for teens in your e-mail inbox every day to help start your day off right! Sorry guys… this is for girls only!

Click here to find out more!

Current Books in This Series:

Teen Devotionals... for Girls!

21 Teen Devotionals… for Girls!

Kindle | Print | Audio

Teen Devotionals… for Girls! Volume 1

Kindle | Print | Audio

Teen Devotionals… for Girls! Volume 2

Kindle | Print


21 Prayers for Teen Girls

21 Prayers for Teen GirlsPrayer is something that we hear Christians talking about all the time – but when it comes to actually talking to God, we often don’t know what to say.

Written specifically for teen girls, the prayers in this book are the prayers of our hearts. You can pray them or use them for inspiration for prayers of your own. You can pray about anything and everything – God is always listening.

Kindle | Print | More Info

The Girls’ Great Adventure Journal

Helping girls get a bright start to their day, build relationships, and learn about Christ, this journal has both morning and evening quiet time sessions that can be done one-on-one or in a group. It was written for girls in first through sixth grade and includes the plan of Salvation at the end.

This is a journal Heather put together for a camp her local church was putting on in Alaska. It is not available for resale.


Other Faith-Based Books We’ve Contributed to

My God Is… by Barbara Ford (Heather’s Mom)

Coming Soon

Body Image Lies Women Believe by Shelley Hitz

Kindle | Print | More Info

Unshackled and Free by CJ and Shelley Hitz

Kindle | Print | More Info

21 Stories of Gratitude Compiled by Shelley Hitz

Kindle | Audio | More Info

Books for Authors

Looking for one of the books Heather has written for authors? You can find a complete list on her other website, We’ve also listed them below for your convenience:

Self-Publishing Books 101Self-Publishing Books 101

Shelley Hitz and Heather Hart work as a team to help other authors successfully publish and market their books. In this book, they walk authors step-by-step through the process of self-publishing–from beginning to end. They cover everything from ISBN’s to success strategies and include publishing tips for multiple editions including print, eBook, large print, audio books and more.

Kindle | Print | More Info

Book Marketing 101Book Marketing 101


As much as we don’t want to hear it, book marketing is a huge part of becoming a successful author. Yet many authors don’t know how to go about it or even where to start. Giving a detailed overview of book marketing from beginning to end, Book Marketing 101 is designed to give authors the information they need to attack marketing head on and start successfully selling their books. We don’t know where you are on your marketing journey, but this book is bound to hold something to help you out.

Kindle | Print More Info

101 Book Marketing Tips101 Book Marketing Tips

As authors, we are only limited by the scope of our imagination when it comes to marketing our books. In “101 Book Marketing Tips” internationally best-selling author, Heather Hart, will share 101 tips for marketing your book. From blogging to networking, this book covers it all.

Kindle | More Info

How to Get Honest Reviews

How To Get Honest Reviews

This is the first book in the Survival Guide series for authors from Heather Hart and Shelley Hitz.

We’ve been publishing books for years and we know that reviews are important when it comes to selling books. Offering credibility and proof of readership, reviews have the power to boost your book sales. In this upcoming book, we’ll share multiple ways that authors can legitimately increase the number of reviews written about their books.

Kindle | PrintMore Info

The Truth About Book ReviewsThe Truth About Book Reviews

Book reviews are a crucial marketing tool, which is why it is our endeavor through this book to outline some tips to help authors understand book reviews. We are glad you have decided to pick up this book. We will keep it short and to the point, doing our best to help you separate the myths from the facts.


Book Marketing for Beginners


So many authors want to market their books, they just don’t know how. Others, are trying desperately to market their books, they just aren’t seeing the results or are confused about all the different options and just want to know what works. If that’s you, you don’t have to spend hours searching the internet and reading blog tutorials to learn how to start marketing your book.   Heather will show you where to start and how to build a plan that works for you in her eBook, “Book Marketing For Beginners.”

Kindle | More Info

How to Publish and Market AudioBooks


In this eBook, we will show you how to publish your audiobook on Audible, Amazon and iTunes as well as your own website. We will also share with you how to record your own audiobook or find a narrator to record it for you. But, we don’t stop there. After publishing 19 audiobooks, we also developed a marketing plan to get the word out. We share this marketing plan with you to help you get more exposure and sales.

Kindle | More Info

Author Publicity Pack

Publicity: It sounds like something that only big publishing houses can afford to do, yet any author can increase their publicity and their book sales – and do so on a shoestring budget. “Author Publicity Pack” will outline over 750 places that authors of all genres can get publicity for themselves and their books.

Kindle | More Info

Indie Author Book Marketing Success

Indie Author Book Marketing Success

From the combined minds of 14 book marketing experts, Indie Author Book Marketing Success will enlighten and lead you on the journey of marketing your book. Each author must travel their own road to success, working hard to find what works best for them – but book marketing doesn’t have to be intimidating. These experts want to help you find your way to success.

Kindle | Print | More Info

A Year of Book Marketing

A Year of Book Marketing

Do you dream of selling books, but don’t know how to reach that goal? Perhaps you’ve heard someone say that you should do something every day to market your books if you really want to be successful. For a new author (and even some experienced ones), that can be a bit frightening – we don’t believe it’s possible or that we have the time. But that simply isn’t true! Instead of telling you to market your book daily, author Heather Hart offers to come alongside authors to HELP them market their books daily.

Kindle | NookMore Info

Holiday MarketingHoliday-Marketing-eBook

Books and eReaders make great Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers – and that’s good news for us! While there is a natural spike in book sales during this time of year, there are a few easy marketing tactics that you can do to help increase your book sales this Christmas. ”Holiday Marketing” will walk authors through some simple marketing techniques that can help boost their book sales during the holiday season.

Kindle | More Info

Sell More Books Challenge Workbook

Challenge-ringspiralbinder_836x1155Is it possible to sell more books, find a better balance, and stress less as an author?


Shelley Hitz and Heather Hart have developed a system that has been proven to work time and again. The key is its versatility to both the author and the individual books. Dozens of authors have already successfully used their system, and now they want to challenge you to sell more books!

BONUS:  This workbook includes access to the Sell More Books Challenge Video Training ($297 value). You will find the instructions to access this bonus training in the back of the workbook.

Out of Print

Book Marketing Success Bundle

Book Marketing Success BundleIn this Book Marketing Success Bundle, you’ll get the first 5 books in the Book Marketing Success series by internationally best-selling authors, Shelley Hitz and Heather Hart for almost half the original list prices. They’ll take you through marketing your book from the beginning and share things that they have learned on their own book marketing journeys.

Find a Used Copy

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