Christmas Moments

So Christmas Eve is like, tomorrow. I’m still not really ready for it to be Thanksgiving yet…

Yes. The decorations are up. The presents are wrapped. I have all the fixings for our holiday snacks.

We have been Christmas caroling and to the parade. We have read Luke 2 and ate candy canes. And yet…

My heart isn’t in it.

I’ve read the Advent devotions and pondered the greatest gift. I’ve been to church and soaked it all in… But I’m still not in it. Not really.

Maybe I am just getting older. Maybe it’s just me. But maybe, just maybe, I need to repent. My Christ-centered Christmas is still based on the flesh.

Based on doing and getting and giving and going.

Maybe, just maybe, it should be about praying and praising and really just knowing.

Knowing that Jesus came into the busy. Knowing that first Christmas didn’t feel that special either. Not at first. It was frantic and stressful and really not great.

They traveled and toiled and then in a moment, everything stopped. Baby Jesus was here. They weren’t ready either. They weren’t prepared. But He came nonetheless. He came into the mess. The mess of the stable. The mess of the culture. The mess of that first Christmas has nothing on me.

But for a moment that first Christmas everything stopped. Baby Jesus was here. Shepherds came to worship. Angels sang their praises. Wise men came to see Him. And then the moment was done.

The mess closed back in and our Savior was on the run.

So even if I am not ready for Christmas right now. That’s okay. Even if Christmas grips my heart for just snatches of time, that’s enough.


Christmas isn’t about being ready. It’s about what God did for us when we weren’t ready. It isn’t found in a season, but in moments. Moments when you know. You know God is with you in the midst of your mess.

I have found many Christmas moments this year. Today when my daughter showed me the Christmas stocking she made at school last week. It featured baby Jesus in the manger, with a bright shining star beaming down on Him. To one side was a Christmas tree, to the other side was the cross, and the empty tomb, “because He’s in heaven now” in her words.

Life is made up of moments. Some are short, some are long. Some are lived among the mess of life. The moment I shared was smashed between me finishing up a work project that is over due and trying to get the house clean enough for Christmas company. But just for a moment, I stopped to rejoice. To hug my baby girl and thank God that she gets it, even when I sometimes don’t. But of course, she doesn’t always get it either. There are still presents that vie for her attention. Just like cleaning and doing and going and giving vie for mine. But there are moments.

Christmas moments.

Moments when Christ is so clearly the center. When He is clearly on His throne. And even in the moments that we don’t stop to adore Him, He is still there. Still King. Still loving us.

Christmas is Coming

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