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Paul and Heather Hart
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Paul and Heather Hart


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Paul and Heather Hart, serve the Lord side-by-side, writing devotions for today’s teenagers, sharing God’s Word, and serving His world. Paul Hart was just your average pastor’s kid. He grew up in church and fought the Lord every step of the way. Fast forward to today and things have changed. Paul enjoys listening to the teachings of Dr. David Jeremiah and spending time with his family.

Heather came to Christ in high school and is passionate about helping other girls and women know Christ as their personal savior. She has been writing and editing devotions for teen girls through the website since 2009, and in 2013 Paul and Heather co-founded their brother ministry to help teen guys find their true strength in Christ.

Besides their ministry to teens, Paul and Heather also help other Christian authors with designing, publishing and marketing their books. Paul works full-time as an engineer for the local phone company, while Heather writes women’s Bible studies for her local church and works from home as an internationally best-selling and award-winning author, author coach at, and full-time mother of four.

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