New Bible Study: Prayers from the New Testament

There is power in prayer.

Over and over again in Scripture we are called to pray. But more than that, Scripture also offers examples of how to pray and what to pray for. From Jesus to Paul, and the poor to the rich, the New Testament offers amazing insights to living a life of prayer.

I am excited to announce our next Bible study will begin one week from today. During this Bible study, we will be looking at some of the different prayers from the New Testament, how they fit in Scripture, and how they apply to our lives today.

I hope you will join us. You can follow along here on my blog, subscribe below to get lessons e-mailed to you each week, or if you live in Seymour, TX you can join us in person Mondays at noon at the First Baptist Church in Seymour.

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Prayers from the New Testament

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  1. Hi! This is very motivating, the strength of prayer still exists. Such ideas will inspire Christians and give them the knowledge that we are called to pray and that prayer is very important in our daily lives. Thank you so much, in prayer, these will give us new ideas. So happy to have more contact with Him.

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