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Recommended Resources


BibleGateway – I use Bible Gateway on pretty much a daily basis. It’s the home page on both of my computers and I have the app on my phone. It’s the best way to look up Scriptures when you can’t remember where they are at, parallel translations, etc. It’s probably my favorite Bible study resource.

Revive Our Hearts – Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss is an amazing resource for Christian women. – This is one of Paul’s favorite resources. It has notes, videos, and past sermons from David Jeremiah all in one place. It’s super easy to navigate.


HCSB Interactive Notetaker’s Bible – This is a Bible I would LOVE to have. It has larger font than most journaling Bibles and plenty of room for notes. It is beautifully designed and just an all-around great Bible. It’s on my wish list. However, I am currently using the ESV Single Column Journaling Bible that I was able to get for less than half the cost.

The David Jeremiah Study Bible – This is the Bible Paul has, and he loves it. The most powerful part of this Bible is the online resources that go with it. It has QR codes on the pages that will take you to extra content online that really helps you understand what you are reading about.

Easy-to-Read Bible – My father-in-law gave me a copy of this Bible years ago and I love how simple the language is without distorting the text. However, my favorite part of this Bible is that it is put out by a ministry, not a publisher. They have contact information in the back of the Bible and they actually respond to e-mails. I e-mailed them about some wording that didn’t seem right to me and they e-mailed me back within a day or two with why they chose that wording, a mini-Bible lesson, and asking if I had any other questions they could help me with. That alone makes me want to recommend this Bible as I know a lot of Christians have questions and just don’t know who to ask. My father-in-law was also a missionary and pastor, so it has a pretty good endorsement in my (possibly biased) opinion.

Teen Bibles

Fire Bible Student Edition – This Bible came highly recommended to us by a youth pastor. The adult version of it is MASSIVE, and the student version has content that is related more to teen life. I would actually highly recommend both versions.

NIV Revolution – This is the Bible we got our oldest son for his baptism (the Fire Bible was out of stock everywhere I checked and I was on a time crunch). Despite not being what I wanted, this Bible is awesome, and perfect for teen guys. It also came highly recommended by a youth pastor and our son loves it.



A Gospel Primer for Christians by Milton Vincent – This is one of those books that I can just sit and read over and over and over again… and I really do. I have the leather bound edition and can’t count how many times I’ve read through it. My favorite part is the Gospel narrative in Poetic form found in part 3.

Accidental Pharisees by Larry Osborn – I really think this book from Larry Osborn is a must read for all Christians. He talks about accidentally becoming a Pharisee by judging others who aren’t at the same point in their walk with God that we are.

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