The Problem with Pride

“When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.”

~ Proverbs 11:2

I would not normally call myself a prideful person. That being said, I have several qualities that I have been told are rooted in pride. Such as being shy, easily embarrassed, etc. Most recently, my pride (that I don’t like to admit) came full surface during a phone call…

I was in the middle of a work project, when the phone rang. I glanced at the number and thought it looked like the number from the peewee football coach who had called me the week before. I touched answer and said hello while removing the computer headset I was wearing. So of course, I missed the introduction where he said who it was – which wasn’t an issue, because I already knew.

At least that’s what I thought… Except he wasn’t talking about football, but like we were friends. So I thought maybe it was the head of the peewee football league who is friends with my husband… but that didn’t make any sense, since we still weren’t talking about football…

Next idea – it had to be my small group leader… except I have his number in my phone, and it didn’t show up on the caller ID.

Keep in mind, through out this drawn out process, the person on the other end is still talking and I’m giving generic answers (yes, thank you, great, etc.) trying to figure out who they are and why they are calling me. (Hint: I don’t get phone calls from strange guys very often.)

Sure, I could have said, “I’m sorry, who is this again?” But I thought that would be rude, not to mention completely embarrassing at this point. So I didn’t.

Finally, we wrap up our conversation – or he does, since I’m still not sure what to say or who I’m talking to. And I decide it must have been my pastor. So I text my husband to confirm. Yes, he says, that was our pastor.

Mystery solved.

Then my wonderful Mr. Amazing tells me that he text our pastor to let him know that I didn’t know who he was – mortification complete (to clarify: not the biblical mortification we’ve been learning about in Sunday school where you turn from or die to your sins, the embarrassing kind).

But then he text me something else – he said, our pastor wasn’t sure if I didn’t know who it was or if I just didn’t like him.


My pride made me come across as unwelcoming. Not very humble or loving if you ask me. I’ve been mulling over this for close to a week now, and I have to wonder how often I come across as cold and unfeeling, just because I let my pride dictate my words and actions. I can’t say that I will overcome 30 years of deep-rooted shyness in the next month, but I do know that it is something that I need to be working on – that I need to give to God and let Him help me work through.

The lesson?

Sometimes, our sins have consequences we don’t think about.

Do you have any sins that you never realized how they effected others?

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